28″ Long Poster Tube (Clear) with Strap

28" Long Poster Tube (Clear) with Strap

28" Long Poster Tube (Clear) with Strap

Now you can make things easier for you when you are at a crowded convention and you bought a bunch of prints and Mini posters, especially those exclusive prints they give out, that are worth money. You only have 2 hands to carry a bunch of bags or if you are hiking in the woods, This can hold 4 Beers instead of carrying a cooler

Now here is a solution, you have a tube that can go around your back, Very light to carry, This can also be stored in the compartment above when flying in a plane.

Has 2 rubber seals at both ends (so you don't have to worry about it cracking on you when it drops) and most important, it comes with an adjustable strap

Can hold up to 20 posters (pending on the thickness of the paper)

7" in Circumfrence

Our Poster Tubes are the best in the industry,

We have the thickest Gauge than other brands who claim that they are top of the line. The ends are rubber, It will not crack if you accidentally drop it

In stock

Price: $18.75

We have tubes of all colors, There are short tubes and long tubes Short tubes are 18 inches long and the long ones are 36 inches long All comes with a strap so you can carry it around your back, Very light to carry in those busy conventions


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