Life Magazine Backing Boards, 2 Packs

Life Magazine Backing Boards, 2 Packs

Life Magazine Backing Boards, 2 Packs

11 x 15

50 per pack

2 Packs, 100 total

- 24pt thick boards -

100% archival safe -

These will fit  inside a 11 x 15 Life Magazine bagsor even the 11 x 15 Top Loader holder with the 7MM opening.

It will fit all LIFE Magazines , Marvel & DC Treasury size editions that came out in the 1970s & early 80's, Even the later comics done by Alex Ross

solid white virgin material. Call if Interested in bulk pricing? (1000 and up)

In stock

Price: $44.99

All of our backing boards are .24 point thick. It is the better backing board than anyone else in the industry. They all have a gloss coat on one side to neutralized the acid on the backing boards so it does not damage your comic book. Correct Term is ACID NEUTRAL. Any Backing Boards that have a gloss on them does NOT mean that they are Acid Free (No matter what anyone else says or advertises it). There is simply no such thing. However, these backing boards are good for short term storage or it might last longer as long as you keep them in a safe environment.


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