Modern Comic Book Bags, 5,000 Sleeves, 5 cases

Modern Comic Book Bags, 5,000 Sleeves, 5 cases

MODERN..............7" x 10 1/4"

1  1/2"" tab

5 Case,  1,000 per case, 10 Packs per Case

 100 per pack

- archival safe -

Call for multiple Case pricing

2.5 mil Polypropylene With a .055 Micron. Our Micron is thicker than any other product who claims that they are the Top of the line, they all have less than a .050. We know how to protect your comic book better than anyone else.

In stock

Price: $248.5

Our Comic Book bags are Polypropylene, These are NOT acid free, NO Poly Bags in the world are acid free (some other companies says so, but they are NOT), The correct term is acid neutral. We are always testing out products & the same results every time. These bags are good to last between 5-7 years or pending on a safe environment. Out bags are 2.5 mil thick. Thicker than any other bag in the industry


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